Hot because: If you weren't there, you were lame. Though it's always primarily been a comic book convention, studios are using this annual event in San Diego to promote some of their more hotly-anticipated films. And with films like Iron Man, Indiana Jones the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Star Trek XI, The Dark Knight, Watchmen and The Incredible Hulk, 2007 welcomed Hollywood's biggest presence yet at the San Diego Con. Between live-blogging panels, interviewing stars and scoping out the ComicCon babes, Cinematical's bloggers captured it all ... although we didn't allow them one ounce of sleep in the process.

How to stay hot: Studios need to better prepare for the convention, and show up with some good stuff. The fans want trailers, photos, posters and cast appearances. They don't want one guy who was involved in the production to sit up on stage and field questions about the craft services truck. And while they're at it, how about we see more of a Hollywood presence at the New York ComicCon too?

Next up: More than just a green thumb!

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