If you're a fan of tall, super-thin, leggy blondes who like to show off their goods, you're going to want to see two upcoming comedies -- Yes Man and Pink Panther 2. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Molly Sims, the tow-headed tease of television's Las Vegas, has nabbed roles in both comedies. In Yes Man, that comedy where Jim Carrey says yes to everything that comes his way, she'll play "the ex-wife he can't get out of his head." In the second Panther remake, which still scares me, she'll play "a news anchor who chronicles the misadventures of [Steve] Martin's bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau."

If you don't watch Vegas, and aren't very familiar with Sims, you can get a taste of her over at YouTube. Just type in "Molly Sims," and the first three links you'll get are her changing out of her bikini on Vegas, flashing her legs on the show, and then sporting fishnets on Craig Kilborn's show. But believe it or not, she used to be in Vanderbilt University working towards a law degree. That is, until she got signed with a modeling agency and quit school. Since she's got the looks and the brains, here's to hoping these roles let her show more of the latter. In the meantime, if you want more Sims, you can see her in her previous comedy roles -- Mrs. Feldman in Starsky & Hutch, Liz in The Benchwarmers, and Angie in Venus & Vegas.
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