Everyone raved about Judd Apatow's Knocked Up this year. It's fun and all, but personally, I'd rather watch Superbad any day of the week -- even if it does make my best friend "boop" me way too much. The flick skillfully blends too-tender, best-friend moments with irresistible raunch and adolescent, libidinous ways. Even better, Superbad has just as much for adults as it has for kids -- from Evan's carefully-selected retro wardrobe to the use of Van Halen's Panama, which skyrockets many of us back to the head-banging days when David Lee Roth could still do his infamous toe-touch. It's also further proof that Seth Rogen is an unstoppable comedic power, and it gives us one great reason for the cancellation of Arrested Development. Non-television Michael Cera means big-screen Cera in all his sweet, goofy goodness. Topped with a Jonah Hill, it's a much better Christmas gift than two front teeth.

Picking up the DVD offers not only all of those lovely penis drawings, but a commentary with all of the notable players, extra scenes, montages, gags, improv with the wacky cops, a making-of feature, the Vag-tastic Voyage, table readings, audition tapes, raw footage from that excellent dancing title sequence, and much more. It's one of the most jam-packed features lists I've seen in a while.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Yes, this is one of this summer's less-than-impressive third-round sequels. It was nowhere near the wonder of the first, and couldn't answer all the hope bubbling after the second Pirates installment. Although the movie made me die a little inside with disappointment, it's still got our beloved Captain Jack, and the perks of having it on DVD. This means you can stop it early and imagine your own, much-better ending, and that lovely fast-forward button can skip you right by some of those annoying scenes, thus making it a much tighter and more enjoyable pirate experience.

For those of you out there who want it for love of the film, the two-disc release gives you a decent amount of features -- bloopers, making-of clips, on-set with Keith Richards, and lots of tech stuff. Not too much for the scope of the series, but I imagine we'll get more soon when Disney serves us a box set.

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