I'm a fence-sitter when it comes to Freddy Rodriguez. He mixes enjoyable stints that are fun to watch with characters that make me want to scratch my eyes out in annoyance over their stupidity and ego. After the crap Frederico pulled on Six Feet Under, and Rodriguez's character in Harsh Times, I never thought I could watch him again. Then came Grindhouse. I begrudgingly accepted that I'd have to watch another Freddy flick, and his El Wray wiped away all of my Rodriguez apprehension with ease. So now, I can only hope that him heading home for a holiday flick will continue the trend.

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Rodriguez will be heading home to the windy city of Chicago with John Leguizamo for a family ensemble dramedy called Humboldt Park, to be helmed by Alfredo De Villa (Washington Heights). From the pens of Rick Najera, Ted Perkins, and Alison Swan, the film is about a holiday family reunion held in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood. No further details about the plot have been released yet, but I imagine that it will be some sort of Latin holiday flick, considering the movie's two stars. Since the script was finished before the strike, Overture Films hopes to get production started early next year so they can release the flick next fall. So that means we should have more casting announcements soon. Who would you like to see join their family? Me, I'm happy with anyone as long as it's not J-Lo and Marc Anthony.
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