Will Smith isn't the only one who got his start on famous '90s sitcoms. While he was hanging out in Bel Air, his future wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, was in A Different World. After Lisa Bonet hit the road and the show stewed for a bit, Jada signed on to play Lena James. She was lucky enough to crush on Dwayne Wayne for a bit, and spent her sophomore year living with Gina and Charmaine, who made her way to Hillman after hanging with Pam on The Cosby Show. Man, this brings back memories!

In the clip above, Lena gets grabbed and kissed by one of her old flings, who just happens to be Tupac Shakur. All tough in his Christmas elf get-up (which gets mentioned in the clip), he gives Lena's boyfriend a hard time, teasing him for his "Richie Cunningham" looks. She, meanwhile, makes me grateful that we've come to a time where fashion is at least a little less spastic. Jada's wearing a cone-headed sort of hairdo, white tank top, and black suspenders. Okay, the outfit isn't too bad, but that hair is just terrible.

And to think this tough-looking gal and a wacky Fresh Prince would become Hollywood's supercouple!