And all I gots to say is it's about damn time. We've seen photos, teaser trailers, behind-the-scenes production video and more viral websites than I care to count, but now we have an official teaser poster. And it's ... well ... okay. After all that we've seen in the past few months, I kind of feel like the teaser poster is very anti-climactic. This should've been the first thing to get released online; wayyy before we even knew what The Joker looked like. As it stands now, we get a poster that looks like a third-grade student spray-painted shapes on a brick wall. And yet, I still dig it. The Dark Knight is clearly one of my most anticipated films of 2008, and based on all we've seen (and heard) so far, I cannot for the life of me see this film disappointing the masses. First comes the teaser poster. Then comes the full-length trailer (short film thingy). And then ... we wait. 750 viral sites later and -- presto -- the flick shall arrive in our laps on July 18.