On the one hand, it'd be creepy to have your soul embodied in an animal who follows you around and never lets you be. On the other, it'd be pretty neat if said animal was an enormous, snow leopard, like Daniel Craig's Lord Asriel. I'd love, love, love a snow leopard of my very own. Anyway, I'm talking about The Golden Compass, and after months of waiting, the first five minutes of the film have gone up over at Yahoo. Based on the first novel of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, the film is about a 12-year-old girl named Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) whose attempts to save a kidnapped friend bring her into a quest to save her world and ours.

The opening of the film lays out the basics -- the golden compass, the workings of the worlds, and the embodiment of souls, before jumping into a little hooligan action. It's quickly set up that Lyra is the fearless, creative, and outspoken tough girl, and Richards handles it with ease, which should mean great things for the rest of the film. But as a teaser clip to whet our appetites, I'm not sure this will really wow anyone but those who are itching to see it, and would see it whether the opening was released or not. At the same time, it does, however, offer a brief setup of this fantastical world, which can help those wondering what's up with this whole Compass movie and religion kerfuffle. We don't have too long to wait to see it ourselves. The film hits theaters this week.