Hey, guess what? Another Justice League cast member has been unofficially announced! The Los Angeles Times reports that Adam Brody has signed on to play The Flash, and though he's been rumored as having snagged the role for awhile, the LA Times claims he has closed negotiations and the deal is done. Why hasn't it hit the trades yet? Why isn't Warner Bros. saying anything? Well, according to the Times, Warners won't release the cast because the film hasn't received a green light yet. I'm speculating here, but if it hasn't gotten that green light, then that most likely means something is wrong with the script. Maybe not wrong, but the script needs more work before the project can move forward. And since the writers are still out on strike, that script work won't happen until a deal is reached.

The Times also lists a bunch more names, but those are clearly coming from other sites that broke all this casting news weeks ago. They also claim Megan Gale beat out Jessica Biel for Wonder Woman, however, we all thought Biel opted out of the role herself. Other names mentioned in the article include Scott Porter as Superman, Teresa Palmer as Talia al Ghul and Common as Green Lantern. There's no mention of Armie Hammer as Batman (hey, at least it's better than getting someone from MTV's The Hills), which IESB confirmed was official sometime last week. Brody is best known for his role on The O.C.

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