Ed Norton's acting career has thrown him into a number of roles over the years, from scary skinheads to his most recent role, a man who turns green and busts sh*t up. But now he's onto something else, courtesy of Hulk co-star Tim Blake Nelson. Variety reports that Norton will play dual roles in the upcoming comedic thriller, Leaves of Grass -- a project Nelson wrote and will act in. I have to admit, I've been a waning fan of Norton's over the last few years, but this could just be the film to amp things up again (in the non-green sort of way).

Plot details haven't been released yet, but Ed's roles have: "Norton will play identical twins -- one an Ivy League classics professor, and the other a hedonistic, pot-smoking career criminal." This should be interesting, especially since Norton rocked at portraying inner personality conflict in Fight Club (or Primal Fear for that matter) -- this is just split personalities as two people. The actor says about the role: "The challenge of playing twins for an actor is very special, and I was very flattered that Tim sent Leaves of Grass to me. I liked it so much, and felt so strongly that it was a film Tim understood to his core, that I took it to my partners and suggested we produce it. This is exactly the kind of personal filmmaking that we set out to support.

So, Ed's also on as producer, and will take on the role once he finishes his stint in State of Play. Nelson, meanwhile, has got to be relieved. He said that if Norton had declined, "there would have been no second choice." So, are you ready to see Ed take on dual roles (again), or are you just waiting to see him go green?
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