I'd just like to say that it's a pleasure to write about three films that aren't sequels:

A brand new behind-the-scenes clip from Speed Racer has hit the net, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight. In it, they go on set with Matthew Fox (aka Racer X) to learn a little about the cars, the film's vibe and the production. While I'm not really allowed to say anything about anything for another 24 hours or so, let me just say that I have seen something (hint: Knowles has seen it too) with regards to Speed Racer that is so unbelievably awesome -- you seriously have no idea how insane this film is going to look. No idea. The Wachowski Brothers are back and they're officially bad ass to the bone. I wish I could say more, but sadly I cannot. Just hold on because you're all in for one helluva ride when this puppy touches down in theaters on May 9 (my birthday!). [Check out the video after the jump]

Looks like that live-action G.I. Joe project is slowly piecing together its cast. Slashfilm reports that Ray Park (better known as Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I) has been cast as one of my favorite Joe characters, Snake Eyes. Those fans of the toyline, animated series and comic books will remember Snake Eyes as this mysterious ninja character who is known for his martial arts capabilities. When I was a kid I used to play with these action figures all the time, and I somewhat recall Snake Eyes being blind. Is that true, or is that one of the storylines I made up back in the day? It's sad, but I forgot. Anyway, Sienna Miller has already been cast as the Baroness, evil sidekick to Destro. So whaddya think of Ray Park? Maul is back baby!

Finally, Paramount is sending around a new photo from Iron Man (seen above), which looks pretty damn awesome. In the film, which arrives in theaters on May 2, Robert Downey Jr. kicks off a whole new superhero franchise as the alcoholic, multi-millionaire-turned-robot loving madman, Tony Stark. He builds this suit, kicks some ass, woos Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) and, at some point, runs into Samuel L. Jackson as fellow Marvel hero Nick Fury. Here's hoping director Jon Favreau kicks off the Summer of '08 with a bang ... and a boom.