With Ryan Gosling in the lead role, Half Nelson wowed audiences and even nabbed the actor an Oscar nomination. Now screenwriters Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are finishing up their second feature film, Sugar, which Erik Davis wrote about back in March. Now The Hollywood Reporterhas posted that HBO Films has signed onto the sweet team to finance and distribute the film, which will celebrate its world premiere next month at the snowy Sundance Film Festival in Joseph Smith country. HBO is currently trying to figure out if they want to debut the film in the network, or in theaters through Picturehouse. (This will be determined by reaction at Sundance.)

While the straight-to-television release might sound surprising, I imagine that's because there's no big name like Gosling starring in it. With Fleck and Boden sharing the directorial chair, Sugar is a "fish-out-of-water" story about a man named Miguel Sugar Santos, "a Dominican baseball prospect who is sent to play in a small Midwestern town after being scouted in his home country." Santos is being played by newbie actor Algenis Perez Soto, and he's joined by names such as Richard Bull (Nels Oleson on Little House on the Prairie) and Michael Gaston (Jericho).

While we might not get a chance to slump into those theater chairs with our popcorn and watch Sugar, we'll see the duo's work again on the big screen soon enough. As Erik posted in May, the team is adapting Special Topics in Calamity Physicsfor Miramax, and It's Kind of a Funny Story for Paramount.
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