The Slamdance Film Festival was created as a truly independent alternative to Sundance, which was viewed as becoming too corporate and swanky. Slamdance runs at the same time as Sundance every year, in the same small Utah town of Park City, and will probably forever live in Sundance's shadow -- which is probably just the way they like it.

The 14th edition of Slamdance will run Jan. 17-25, and the lineup of 29 features was announced this morning -- 20 of which are world premieres. The opening film (not in competition) is Real Time (pictured), a dramatic comedy by Randall Cole about a gambler given an hour to live by the hitman hired to kill him. Randy Quaid and Jay Baruchel are the stars.

If you've complained that Sundance doesn't have enough horror titles -- I'm looking at you, Scott Weinberg -- Slamdance has the remedy. Out-of-competition films include: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, featuring Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund; matinee-horror documentary Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story; and Trailer Park of Terror (because the world needs another zombie comedy).

The 10 narrative films in competition (limited to first-time directors working with a budget of less than $1 million) include: Tao Ruspoli's Fix, a dark comedy about a guy's buddies trying to get him from jail to rehab before 8 p.m., lest he go to prison; Simon Welsford's Jetsam, in which an amnesia-stricken woman washes up on the beach and is promptly attacked by the man who has washed up next to her; and Portage, co-written and directed by Matthew Miller, Ezra Krybus, and Sascha Drews, about four women forced to fend for themselves on a dangerous canoe trip after their guide has an accident.

In the documentary category, we have subjects as diverse as a family of circus entertainers (Circus Rosaire), fan/stalkers of '80s pop icon Tiffany (I Think We're Alone Now), drag queens (Pageant), Neil Diamond impersonators (Song Sung Blue), and synchronized swimming (Sync or Swim).

For the whole lineup and more details, check out the press release on Slamdance's website.
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