"It's gonna be like Euro-Trip, only it's not gonna suck."

Unfortunately, that's the only quote safe enough to post here, because this latest age-restricted trailer for Harold and Kumar 2 sprays profanity at you from all different directions. It's rude, crude, nude and the minute and a half (or so) trailer manages to stereotype practically every single race, religion, you name it. But holy crap is it funny. If you were a fan of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (some of you dug it, others not so much), then you're going to absolutely love this sequel. Based on the trailer, it appears the movie begins right after the boys get home from White Castle ... and they're in the bathroom, as you'd expect one to be after eating tons of the WC.

From there they attempt to fly to Amsterdam, only their pot-addiction gets the best of them and the boys wind up in Guantanamo Bay after their bong is mistaken for a bomb. They somehow manage to escape, travel across the country, meet up with a really hot naked chick, stay the night with a hick family (who have a kid with three eyes) and, of course, visit a whore house with Neil Patrick Harris. Does it get any better than that? Seriously. Quality entertainment, if you ask me. The only problem is you have to be over 18 to view the trailer, and those of you out of the country won't be able to see it since you need an American zip code. However, I'm sure it will show up on YouTube soon, so look out for it. The rest of you should head over to the film's official website right now and watch this sucker -- it's a friggin' riot. And kudos to any trailer that throws up the words "Now They're F**ked" in the middle. Harold and Kumar 2 is set to smoke you out on April 25 (which, for all you stoners out there, is as close to 4/20 as you're gonna get).