Is there anyone out there who doesn't, in some way, love Rudy? The 1993 football film was a feel-good tale of a kid with the pressure of life on his shoulders, whose dream of playing football trumped his athletic skills, struggling grades, and the fact that he was much smaller than the other players. It was also Sean Astin during his early-90s film collection -- a Sgt in Memphis Belle, fiesty Billy Tepper in Toy Soldiers, and harborer of an Encino Man. Le sigh... Anyway, Rudy director David Anspaugh is dipping into the sports once again, with the sport that brought him lots of cred when he helmed Hoosiers.

Variety reports that Screen Gems has tapped him to direct the Charles Murray and Chris Parker-penned Phenom, the basketball movie I briefly mentioned in March when Stomp the Yard actor Chris Brown sign on to star. (The young actor had been trying to get Antoine Fuqua to direct the film, but who can argue with this choice?!) The film focuses on Brown, "a standout high school basketball player who goes pro after the media discovers he's the illegitimate son of the NBA's best player. Father and son are on a collision course as their teams meet on the road to the playoffs." It sounds like it could be a comedy, but this, like Rudy, is a listed as a drama. The production also stars Henry Simmons (Dad?)and Vanessa Williams (Mom?), and will cook up next year after Brown finishes his current concert tour. Are you ready to see Anspaugh's world of sports again?
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