Last night I took my 10-year-old to a sneak-preview screening of The Golden Compass (and much as I'd love to tell you what I thought of it, you'll have to wait until Friday to see my review, because if I break the embargo someone might come by my house and cut off my thumbs), and we saw trailers for Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (coming in May) and Inkheart. (Fall 2008). Also coming down the pike is an adaptation of The Spiderwick Chronicles, coming in February 2008. Counting Compass, this makes four up-and-coming adaptations of fantasy material targeted at the tween market (which is not to say that adults wouldn't be interested as well, but the books on which these films are based are largely aimed at the tween set).

Monika wrote up the Prince Caspian trailer earlier today (that post has a link to the trailer, if you want to see it). Prince Caspian happens to be one of my favorite of the Narnia books, so I'm particularly looking forward to that one. The trailer looked pretty good, visually it pretty much just picks up where the first Narnia film left off, but Caspian looks older than I'd always pictured him when reading the book. You can see the Spiderwicktrailer over on Moviefone. I've not read the Spiderwick books yet (yet another thing on my "to do" list), but my daughter, who has read them, thinks that one looks pretty good, and has already extracted a promise from me that I'll take her to the screening. And Inkheart also looks pretty promising -- I love Cornelia Funke's work, and this is another story with a female heroine; I'm loving that so many of these movies aimed at the tweens have strong female characters. Which of the upcoming fantasy flicks are you most excited to see?