Last time, the Pevensie children (Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan) journeyed into Narnia through the infamous wardrobe, and with the help of a lion named Aslan, they fought the White Witch to free the world from eternal winter. Now they are back for part two -- The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This time around, only a year has passed in our world, while almost 1,300 years have gone by in Narnia. The evil King Miraz is preventing the rightful king, his nephew Prince Caspian, from taking on his sworn duty. So the Prince uses the magic horn to summon the Pevensies to help Narnia once again.

With the movie scheduled to hit theaters on May 16, 2008, we've finally got a trailer to check out, courtesy of Yahoo. It starts off pretty Harry Potter-like with the eerie train station -- just what is it with magic, children, and trains anyway? From there it starts to play out normally -- the kids discover ruins in Narnia and realize that much time has passed since they were last in the fantastical world. Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) shows up, and it looks like the typical historic war scene until the fantasy sets in -- creatures, magic, and one heck of a powerful lion. Watching the trailer, I can't help but think that they must be grateful for the steps made by the Lord of the Rings and Potter films. You can spot styles from both in the trailer, and I wonder what this would look like if it came first. But either way, I imagine this will be another sweet money maker for Walt Disney.