You know, you just can't trust the youth. They get all these lofty ideas about things and want to go changing all that you have carefully set up and organized, as if they know best. Samuel L. Jackson will be the latest to deal with meddlesome new ideas in a film that sounds like it could be some solid, serious work for the actor. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Jackson has signed on to star in a fact-based film, being described as a Training Day-style thriller, called Unfinished Country -- penned by The Messengers scribe Mark Wheaton.

Jackson will play a man named Elton, who works as the chief administrator in the overcrowded, largest hospital in the world -- Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, which is located in South Africa's violent Soweto ghettos. (And the people in Grey's Anatomy think they've got it bad.) "Elton's methods of treating patients are put into question when a young U.S. medical student arrives to do his residency, and the hospital gets caught in the crossfire of local gang warfare." The project will head to South Africa for filming, but first they've got to find a director and the young medical student, as neither were listed in the news piece. For now, you can check Jackson out in The Cleaner, a thriller that stars Jackson as a former cop who becomes a crime scene cleaner -- the film opens on the 14th.
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