The other day I was walking through a mall and passed by one of those big television screens that stores try to sell by throwing up a popular action movie. They picked X-Men: The Last Stand, which might be a questionable pick, but that's not what really caught my attention. It was Ellen Page. I had completely forgotten that she played Kitty Pryde in the film.

But her career goes back further than that -- past Hard Candy and Marion Bridge. She got her start as Maggie Maclean in the Canadian television series Pit Pony, which screened in the late '90s. In the clip, she doesn't want to go to sleep, and asked to be tickled "like John used to." Oh man, please forgive me for what follows...I can't help it: Who would've thought that ten years later she'd opt out for sleeping once again, and get "tickled" by Michael Cera?*

*Disclaimer: I, in no way, mean to imply that her tickle request was anything but innocent on Pit Pony, or that there was any naughty behavior associated with that show. It's just a bad pun I couldn't resist with Juno on the brain!