He wasn't born yesterday, and he's certainly not a newbie to the business, but you might start wondering about Will Smith with this latest piece of news. Reuters/Moviefone report that the popular actor made one heck of a flub on Tuesday in Tokyo -- one that "had the producer of his latest film [I Am Legend] holding his head in anguish." During a news conference in the foreign city, "Smith inadvertently revealed the plot, prompting co-producer and co-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to shout: 'Don't give away the ending!'" The report goes on to state that Goldman pretended to be surprised, although I'm not sure why he'd have to pretend -- a slip like that is entirely surprising.

So, the press were asked to keep the ending a secret, in hopes that it wouldn't get out and spoil the film for viewers. Now let's recap some of Smith's big movies -- Independence Day, Men in Black, I, Robot... And these are only some of them. What on earth led the man to spoil a movie that relies on the anticipation of mystery? He hasn't been working wildly, and if Peter O'Toole can handle tons of roles, I'm sure Smith can handle his nicely-paced, steady work. Is he suffering from a lack of sleep? Maybe his people should send him to his room for a nice, long nap before those people who made the spoiler shirt find him!

But this also reminds me of other famous loose-lipped plot revealers -- those people who throw out the twists and endings of films either with reckless stupidity, or malicious jerkiness. Personally, I'm thinking of Rosie O'Donnell telling everyone about the twist in Fight Club. What slips do you remember?
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