Don't get me wrong, I love a film that makes me want to drop several tabs of acid, but some of this Cloverfield marketing is a little too odd. Bunch of kids running around Manhattan, trying to escape from a monster? Okay, I get that. This whole Slusho thing? No idea. For those of you following the Cloverfield viral marketing campaign closely, you should already be aware of Slusho. It's some sort of drink that's somehow tied into the movie; it's already appeared in episodes of Heroes (for some odd reason) and now a new commercial for the drink is online. I have no idea what Slusho (whose tagline is: "You Can't Drink Just Six") has to do with Cloverfied, but I imagine the two will join forces when the film finally arrives in theaters on January 18, 2008. Is the Cloverfield monster also going to factor into the Heroes television series? Got me. But I wouldn't put anything past viral marketing guru J.J. Abrams -- he really knows how to suck you in, keep you in and then give you nothing. I kid, I kid. Anyway, check out the new Slusho commercial after the jump. Additionally, according to Shock, Cloverfield's running time will clock in at just around 90 minutes. How long does a tab of acid last?