The last time I remember a sex researcher hitting the big screen, it was all gall wasps and serious sexual research in Liam Neeson's Kinsey. The questionnaires were kept to somber interviews and coded shorthand, but no sexy time -- this was strict, scientific research of course. The extracurriculars were relegated to after-hours between co-workers. Not any longer. Sex research is going to hit the screen once again, but this time around, the sexual connection will be between the interviewer, his helper, and the interviewee.

Variety reports that New Line Cinema has optioned the rights to an upcoming book from Anthony Capella called Chemistry for Beginners. This comes after Capella's debut, The Food of Love, was nabbed by Warner Brothers in a nice six-figure deal, and his next, The Wedding Officer, was picked by Material Entertainment/New Line International. Once again, this is a deal of supreme impatience, as it comes before Capella even got a chance to negotiate his publishing deal. The romantic comedy focuses on "a shy university biochemist running a research project into female sexual dysfunction. With the big drug companies clamoring for results, he becomes caught in a triangle of intrigue and attraction between his female co-researcher and a pretty student who shows an unexpected response to his experimental treatment." I'm guessing he serves her some sort of medication possibility, and she becomes a randy, shagging machine. Are we about to get hit with this millennium's Love Potion #9?
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