With the latest casting announcement for Seven Pounds, there might not be a lot of fat added, but definitely a lot of weight. Variety reports that Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson are in final negotiations to co-star in the film with Will Smith. You might remember from the news of Smith's involvement that this project is once again teaming the actor with Pursuit of Happyness director Gabriele Muccino. Or, you might remember that this isn't about Weight Watchers meetings, but rather a man who finds love while trying to end his life.

Written by Grant Nieporte , the film focuses on Smith, a "guilt-ridden man who inadvertently falls in love while attempting to kill himself." Usually suicide is a private endeavor, so I don't see how he could fall in love during the process, unless he keeps someone prisoner to watch, or calls a hotline. Things get more interesting when you figure Dawson and Harrelson into the equation. She's playing "a love interest who suffers from a serious heart condition." Due to the use of "a," I guess she's not the suicide-laden interest. Harrelson, meanwhile, will be "a motel attendent who becomes intrigued by his suicidal new tenant."

It would be great if Woody could be the love interest, since he's supposed to be intrigued by Smith, but I imagine they'll find someone famous, beautiful, and female to cast in the role. If, of course, it isn't Dawson. But that would just be a million-hanky mess -- Smith is about to kill himself, but falls for this great women -- only to find out that she has a serious health condition and dies or something. That sounds beyond depressing. Production begins in January, so we'll find out who's lucky enough to get a suicidal love soon enough. As an aside: assuming they got married and had a family, what do they say when their kids asked them how they met?
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