I was actually planning to throw something else up today for Stars in Rewind, but then a good friend in Los Angeles sent me the following clip. We're inundated these days with the woes of smoking. What was first a push to get it out of public places like planes, malls, and restaurants has recently gone a step further, entering the world of cinema. But before all of this, smoking was stopped in movie theaters, and there was one man there to taunt poor patrons with the tufts of smoke curling from his lips. That man was John Waters.

This clip is an old, retro short where Waters tells theater patrons that they can't smoke -- as he delightfully puffs on his cigarette. He begrudgingly tells the audience to refrain, while giving Waters-rationale about why smoking should be allowed. I wish more pre-movie clips could be this fun. There's only so many times one can stomach the irony of those pirating warnings that are shown to those who actually pay to see the feature.