Are you itching for a little taste of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival right now? Those of you who aren't going to Sundance this year, but would still like to watch a film that's playing there, feel free to check out the short up top called FCU: Fact Checkers Unit. Included in the recently-announced list of Sundance shorts, FCU has floated around the online for awhile now -- slowly becoming a viral favorite -- and has been watched by over 750,000 people. As Karina from Spout points out, this might be the first time an online video this popular has made the leap to a festival as large as Sundance. Granted, the short film has great production value and it stars Bill Murray (which is why Sundance probably took it), but it's still somewhat surprising to see them admit a film that's been so widely exposed. Of course, I watched it for the first time this morning, and so chances are a lot of you haven't seen it either. (Note: I imagine it will soon disappear from the web, so watch it now while you still can).

FCU: Fact Checkers Unit was written by Peter Karinen, Brian Sacca and director Dan Beers, and it stars Karinen and Sacca as two fact checkers for a magazine called Dictum. When they're called upon to check on a fact involving Bill Murray and milk, the two men break into the actor's home and, well, wind up staying awhile. It's a pretty solid short, and if you love Murray as much as I do, then you should find yourself entertained through the end. Check out the video above, and enjoy.