Courtesy of the folks over at Variety, there's news on three new flicks headed our way by the folks over at Warner Brothers. These puppies are coming our way for the company to "ensure not only that their unique visions will be fully realized, but also that the success of their work will be rewarded as stakeholders in their own films." That's a sweat deal, if these are successful, which is a decent possibility since they're all well-known. Here are the lucky films:

1. Richard Kelly's The Box -- News of the feature geared up a year ago, back when some still had hope for the mess that is Southland Tales. Since then, Cameron Diaz signed on, as did Frank Langella, and finally James Marsden. I wonder if any of them are nervous about the film now? I guess we'll all have to wait and see. The film is about "an unhappily married couple who receive a box from a stranger (Langella) who tells them that if they push a button on the box, they'll receive a hefty amount of cash -- and someone they don't know will die."

2. Ricky Gervais' This Side of Truth -- We first heard word of this sweet feature back in September, and since then, the lucky goat cast Jennifer Garner to be the object of his woo. The premise sounds pretty perfect for the Brit, who co-wrote the script with Matthew Robinson. It's about a man in a world where no one lies. Then he tells the first one and harnesses the all-mighty power of lying to nab women out of his league and find professional success -- a role obviously to be played by Ricky himself.

3. Robert Rodriguez's Shorts -- Written by the man himself, and to be directed by him as well of course, it's about... Well, you tell me. News surrounding the filmmaker has focused on him, Rose, and Barbarella. Searching for him and "shorts" doesn't get one very far, so if anyone has word on it, please comment below!
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