Ah, Barbara Walters. I remember the days when I'd set away the whole evening to watch her interview celebrities and dig beneath the surface to get the good stuff. There'd be the probing questions, those pensive, emotionally-intensive pauses, and sometimes even tears. At least then, it felt more like a real conversation instead of these days, where it's a lot more sensational. ("Look at the bump! So and so is not pregnant! ...This just in! She's not pregnant, she's just fat! Look at that slight curve to her stomach. So fat!") Well, just as many of you are tired with those news pieces, she's tired with doing her part to continue them and has decided to leave those celebrity interviews behind.

Reuters reports that she has recently said: "I am not going after the tabloid stuff, I don't do it," and "It's a different climate now and 20/20 and the other magazines are focused on the big celebrities. I didn't want to keep doing that, I have been doing it for years." Instead of Brad, Julia, or George, next up for her interviews are the likes of Bill Clinton, Hugo Chavez, and Don Imus. I understand her annoyance over what has happened in the world of celebrity gossip, but I still think there's a place for learning about actors and actresses in a more respectful, yet still probing, environment. At the very least, it can balance the worst of paparazzi pics and celebrity gossip, but that's just me. Chime in with your thoughts in the poll and comments below!