Yup, it's Friday, and it's time once again for you to put on your caption hat and give us all you got. My caption hat just happens to feature a picture of Will Smith getting jiggy with it, but that's neither here nor there. Last week we asked you to talk like a pirate, or pretend to talk like a pirate, or talk trash about pirates -- something along those lines -- and, of course, we were celebrating the DVD release of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Congrats to Rob E. for choosing the safe route, while leaving the door open to either be offended or complimented. Either way, it's still sort of ... odd.

1. "Well, he's either winking at me or giving me the bird." -- Rob E.

2. Jack was increasingly worried as Gibbs continued to talk about just how lonely pirates got when traveling out to sea." -- Eric W.

3. "Er, and what does Disneyland take after your second unexcused sick day?" -- Kanah F.

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This week, in honor of the last man on earth (and his dog), we're giving you a chance to come up with the best caption for the image below from Will Smith's new flick I Am Legend. And to answer that question from the guy in the back corner: Yes, this does, in fact, mean we're looking for "legendary" captions. All three winners from this week's caption contest will take home a spectacular prize package that includes an I Am Legend Key Ring Flashlight, an I Am Legend Men's Washed T-shirt, an I Am Legend Beanie with Embroidered Title Treatment, an I Am Legend Comic Book (Previously available only at Comic Con!), an I Am Legend Messenger Bag and a Pair of IMAX Film Gift Certificates. If you won't be able to survive on earth, alone, with all that ... well, then you've got issues we don't want to go near. Sound off below!

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