Have you ever had a co-worker who was so terrible that it seemed like he was planted there just to make you miserable? That seems to be the premise behind Mission: Intolerable, a workplace comedy about a temp agency that hires out a "temp from hell" for companies who'd rather have an unwanted employee quit than have to fire him or her. According to the Hollywood Reporter, comedian Katt Williams (Norbit) is set to take the role as the temp (and founder of the agency, I guess). The movie's plot will focus on one job he's assigned where the employee he's supposed to force out stays his ground and fights back. The idea sounds kinda brilliant, actually, in a slightly derivative-of-The Office-and-Office Spacesort of way. Unfortunately, the guy in talks to direct is John Whitesell, maker of such unfunny movies as Malibu's Most Wanted, Deck the Halls, Big Momma's House 2 and See Spot Run.

Also, the script received a rewrite from Malibu's screenwriters Adam Small and Fax Bahr (the original was by Steven List and Astrid Neal), who were also responsible for a number of Pauly Shore comedies. But how hard could it be to make a funny workplace comedy that we can all relate to and enjoy? Enough people hate or are at least annoyed by their jobs that any office-set movie could be appreciable by simply exaggerating the usual terrible and annoying work situations. Maybe a few seasons of NBC's The Officehave fully mined the territory, though. It's been awhile since I worked at a job like that, so I have no clue what's funny about offices anymore. Of course, I'm not exactly part of the demographic the movie will be for, anyway. Mission: Intolerable is being produced by The Weinstein Co.'s Our Stories division, which means it will be made intently for black audiences. Actually, that exclusivity just makes me want to try to like the movie more.
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