When I first watched the Speed Racer trailer earlier this week, I knew right away that folks would either love it or hate it. Though you might find some who are on the fence, the trailer is so in-your-face that it's hard not to have an opinion. A friend of mine IM'd me this morning all bent out of shape; he hated the trailer and thought it looked too silly. But here's the thing: It's Speed Racer. I've always been convinced the original cartoon was created solely for people who needed something to watch while high on drugs. And personally, I truly feel (based on the trailer alone) the Wachowski Brothers captured that same trippy tone first featured back in the '60s as best they could with a live-action film.

My friend also thought they should've made a more "adult" film since those hardcore fans of the original cartoon are all grown up now. But I don't agree; it's based on a cartoon that was (supposed to be) for kids, and I actually want to see what the Wachowskis can do when they're limited to a PG rating. A lot of people are doggin' the flick because it looks too much like a video game. I never understood this complaint. So what? It looks like a video game that would be so much fun to play. Last time I checked, the people who hate films because they look like video games play way too many video games to begin with. What did you want Speed Racer to look like? Fast and the Furious? It's f**king Speed Racer people! It should look other-worldly, it should be bursting with vibrant colors and it should be light, fluffy entertainment that you can enjoy with your kids, as well as with your favorite drug of choice. That's the Speed Racer I remember, and that's the Speed Racer I see when I watch the trailer.

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