Welcome to The (Mostly) Indie Film Calendar, a weekly look at what's happening beyond the multiplexes all around North America. If you know of something indie-related happening near you -- a local festival, a series of classic restored films, lectures, workshops, etc. -- send the info to me at Eric.Snider(at)weblogsinc(dot)com and I'll add it to the list.

First let's have a look at the indie films hitting theaters this weekend....
  • Juno is the film festival darling that we here at Cinematical have been ravingabout ever since it premiered at Telluride in September. It opened in L.A. and New York on Wednesday and will expand to wide release within the next couple weeks, so watch for it.
  • Grace Is Gone, in which John Cusack plays a father struggling to tell his children that their mother was killed in Iraq, premiered at Sundance. Five seconds later, people were weeping and talking about Oscar nominations for Cusack. Folks haven't exactly turned out in droves for the other Iraq movies this year -- but come on, people! It's John Cusack!
  • Did you know Guy Ritchie had a film called Revolver that opened in England two years ago? Me either. It's finally coming to the States today, opening in New York, L.A. Chicago, Seattle, and Miami. The good news is, it's a gangster movie, not another Swept Away.
  • Speaking of movies that have been sitting around a while, The Amateurs (also called The Moguls) opens today in L.A. and Dallas after making the film-festival rounds in 2005 and then disappearing. It's about a midlife crisis sufferer (Jeff Bridges) getting the people in his small town to work together on making a porno film. I smell wacky small-town hijinks!
  • Walker is a new film from legendary screenwriter Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull). He's in the director's chair this time, too, telling a story about a D.C. gigolo and one of his high-profile clients becoming involved in a murder case. Woody Harrelson and Kirstin Scott Thomas star. I see heavyweights like Lauren Bacall, Ned Beatty, Willem Dafoe, and Lily Tomlin on the cast list, too. Opens today in L.A. and New York.
After the jump, special screenings and events in Austin, Chicago, L.A. New York, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle....