In a previous installment of The Exhibitionist, I've addressed the annoyance of noise inside the auditorium. But another complaint I often have is about the noises outside. In fact, I typically find this to be even more annoying.

Recently, I went to my local independent cinema to see No Country for Old Men. If you've seen it, you're aware that it's a very, very quiet movie. Not only is there little dialogue, there's little anything on the soundtrack for the majority of two hours. And this is a movie that works best because of its silent moments. It has a chance of being ruined if there's any distracting sound.

Surprisingly the entire crowd kept quiet throughout -- and this was a sold out, every-seat-filled show. And it's a movie that's sometimes hard to follow, a movie you'd expect to hear at least some whispers of, "wait, who is that on the floor?"

The employees outside the auditorium, however, were a different matter. I could hear whole conversations about what they were doing after work. And I could hear the cleaning of the popcorn bins and counters -- recognizing each step, since I was once a concessionist myself. As you can imagine, I became very distracted and very annoyed.
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