While I may be in the minority, I actually kinda enjoyed Batman Forever when it first came out back in 1995. This was before the franchise went through a much-needed reboot, taking on a darker and more serious tone, and I had fun with Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones in the roles of The Riddler and Two-Face, respectively. But that was then and this is now: AutoUnleashed tells us that the Batmobile from Batman Forever went up for auction recently, and the car sold for $297,000. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, consider the fact that the car's worth was estimated at around $800,000 and that it cost roughly $2,800,000 to make.

However, the car that sold is not the actual car featured in the movie; instead, it's the promotional vehicle used only for promotional tours. Yes, they spent $2.5 million on a car to promote the movie only. Now before you imagine how awesome it would be to own a Batmobile (from any of the Batman films), and be able to cruise up and down main street whilst trying to impress your crush, Warner Bros. shelled out a whole bunch of rules under a contract that had to be signed by the buyer. The biggest (and most) annoying rule? "The Batmobile may be driven solely when necessary for maintenance purposes and may never be driven while in public view." Yup, you can own it, but you can't drive it. You also can't sell it, or make changes to it, but you are allowed to show it at auto shows, parks and schools, but not at shopping malls, department stores or commercial locations.

So that sucks. Would you spend $300 grand on a sweet ass car you couldn't drive?

[Photo courtesy of AutoUnleashed]

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