Let's go where no movie marketing has ever gone before ...

Have the first pics of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk arrived online? JFXOnline, who have apparently been camped out around the Star Trek XI set since filming began, claimed to have snapped photos of who they believe is Chris Pine in his Kirk costume. Said costume, in case you were wondering, is all red -- and it kinda looks like the sort of thing Santa would wear under his big, heavy coat. Anyway, the photos, which also include shots of a girl they claim is an Orion Slave Girl (kinky!), are pretty blurry. And JFXOnline insists on throwing up this watermark to block the pics even more. But it's definitely a guy in the pics ... and he's definitely wearing a lot of red. Captain Kirk or some guy doing the Walk of Shame following a holiday party that got way too out of control? You make the call.

So you know all that Cloverfield and Slusho stuff? How a bunch of viral sites pimping this weird Japanese drink called Slusho have popped online, and how we all thought it had something to do with Cloverfield? Yeah, apparently not. Slashfilm tells us that, based on a bunch of early screenings, Slusho doesn't appear anywhere in the film (except on a water bottle or something). Yup. No Slusho in Cloverfield. So if it's not in Cloverfield, then what the hell is Slusho? Well, Slashfilm claims it might be part of another project J.J. Abrams is working on, and that for some odd reason the two got mixed up because a) Bad Robot is involved in both and b) the whole Japanese angle lead lots to believe Slusho had something to do with Godzilla, which, in turn, was believed to be the monster featured in Cloverfield. Yeah ... no. And if that's the case, then why hasn't J.J. Abrams come out and said something by now? Why? Because the guy loves f**king with people. And if we're completely off course, then that means we're nowhere near the stuff he's actually hiding. Bastard. Abrams is like the kid who would hide in the most insane spots during Hide & Seek as a kid. You'd be behind a bush, and he'd find a way to hide on top of a roof somewhere. Cloverfield arrives on January 18.

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