Check out these bits for your Monday:
  • It's got to be a bit stressful to screen your film at a fest and watch nothing happen with it for months, or even years. But all is not completely over, especially as the latest news from The Hollywood Reporter will attest. Roadside Attractions has picked up two period films that screened at TIFF -- Before the Rains, which screened this year, and The Fall, which screened in 2006. Rains is about a British man in colonial India in 1937, who has an affair with his Indian servant, while Fall is a fantasy set in the 1920s about a young girl in a hospital who is told stories about heroes on a deserted island by an injured stuntman. Both films will be released next year.
  • It looks like the San Francisco-based Viz Pictures likes the idea of men and geishas. Variety reports that the company has picked up Maiko Haaaan!!! for distribution stateside. The hit comedy by Kankuro Kudo is about a geeky salaryman who is obsessed with geisha and tries to infiltrate Kyoto's geisha world. Five lucky cities will get to see the film in March, including New York and San Francisco, with further locales added later.
  • Finally, you might remember a certain film that Peter Martin blogged about back in June, one that would be the first cinematic collaboration between Singapore and Hong Kong. Donnie Yen had signed on to star in a big-budget thriller called Painted Skin, and now Variety reports that production has started in Hong Kong. It's a pretty sexy scenario -- there's a "vampire-like" lady who likes to go cannibal on her lovers -- eating their skin and heart. (It's a remake of an old 1965 Hong Kong film.) Since the film began cooking, the budget has jumped to $15 million, and Gordon Chan is now the director. The bloody production will continue through to February -- fitting since it's the month of hearts -- and will get to us in Christmas of 2008, just in time for the red of the holiday. I wonder if they planned it to coincide with such red-themed, and heart-themed holidays...
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