Unlike most releases from Shock-O-Rama Cinema, the cast of Millennium Crisisactually has some familiar faces. Granted, the highest profile actor we have here is Ted Raimi (Sam's brother) along with Ato Essandoh who played Natalie Portman's brother in Garden State (though IMDB oddly credits the role to "Tao Jones") and Olja Hrustic who was one of Rob Zombie's Werewolf Women of the SS in Grindhouse. Usually when a Shock-O-Rama film makes any claim to star power it means someone like Misty Mundae has migrated over from their sister company's line of softcore videos, so this is something of a departure for them. In fact the cast of this highly ambitious zero budget science fiction epic is its strongest asset.

Set in a distant future, human civilization is divided into the Terran and Andromodean Empires, who have enjoyed a fragile peace for a century or so. That peace is threatened when a well-armed assassin believed to be a member of Terran Special Forces slaughters several people on Altair IV. Meanwhile on Cassiopeia Prime, a young woman named Aurora is trying to find out who and what she is. She has no knowledge of her ancestry, but she has the uncanny ability to imitate voices and ends up being fired from her clerical job for mimicking the boss. Her friend Lexie quickly finds her a new position, escorting an alien android named Lucretia to Altair IV.
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