What is it with New Line and trilogies? Bob Shaye had originally planned to film all three of Philip Pullman's Dark Materials books -- hard to say if that will come to pass now, after the weekend grosses -- and now the British press is reporting that New Line also plans to make three Sex and the Citymovies. According to the Daily Mail, "the producers are already working on a script for a second movie" and "they are exercising the sequel option in all of the stars' contracts. They want it to be a franchise and they think they can stretch it over at least three movies." Isn't that a little hasty? I'm not suggesting Sex and the City isn't popular, but is it popular beyond a very special upper-middle-class lady-who-lunches type of demographic? Do we know for sure whether the success of the TV show will translate into theatrical success? Nope.

Meanwhile, although the film just recently wrapped shooting in Manhattan, a trailer has already been cranked out and thrown to the public. Why so early? Some are speculating that the crafty Shaye may have planned this a little bit in advance to offset an expected less than thrilling opening weekend for The Golden Compass. I guess the idea was to say "Look, here's another reason to extend my contract beyond 2008!" Sex and the City is being hastily assembled as we speak for an early summer release, and if there is a catfight between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall at the press junket, we will bring it to you live.

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