To the nine of you who actually recognize the title Deadtime Stories, I'll go ahead and disappoint you right now. This news story has nothing to do with the cheeseball 1986 anthology flick of the same name. Actually, that's a good thing. So let's move on.

According to, zombie lord George Romero will be "presenting" the new Deadtime Stories, but the writer/director is actually a guy named Jeff Monahan. (He's an actor turned director who appeared in Romero's Two Evil Eyes, The Dark Half and Bruiser, actually.) Apparently two of the three mini-movies are already finished, and the third one is set to shoot in February. tells us that one is a college-set ghost story called On Sabbath Hill and the other is a story about dangerous Mars soil called Dust. Obviously as a big fan of both anthology films and (almost) anything with George Romero's name on it, I'll be keeping an eye on this project.
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