I absolutely love this new still photo from The Dark Knight (seen above, courtesy of Comics2Film). Doesn't look like a shot from the film, but look closer and check out the mask in that guy's hand. From what I know about the film, I assume that's Heath Ledger in the picture either before or after he robs a bank in Gotham City as The Joker. And I assume that shot is part of a scene which is also part of the new IMAX footage (which will screen before IMAX prints of I Am Legend). Of course I'm not positive because I skipped an invite to attend a screening of the new IMAX footage last week. As part of the insane Dark Knight promotional nonsense, I was sent a Fed Ex package with a Gotham Times newspaper, a Gotham Times press pass and a note with instructions to show up at a certain IMAX theater in NYC. Since my fat ass was too lazy to travel all the way into the city for seven minutes of footage, I bailed on the invite. Sorry folks.

But when I was trolling around online, I saw that I had received the abbreviated press package. Perez Hilton (of all people) was actually sent a cake -- a real cake -- and was asked to call a phone number. When he did, a phone inside the actual cake started ringing. And so he had to dig through the cake, uncovering a package buried deep in the middle. That package contained an actual cell phone (I swear, I'm not kidding about this sh*t), and he was asked to call yet another number which gave him instructions on a place to go. I believe that place was a location in Los Angeles where they were also screening the IMAX footage. A f**king cake with a cell phone inside it! I'm still laughing about this. And if you can somehow suffer through Hilton's awful shtick, you can watch video of the entire thing over here.

Additionally, a couple more photos from the film were just released. After the jump, you can check out a pic of Batman riding his BatPod (via Slashfilm), as well as a pic of Batman on the cover of Cinelive magazine.

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