The official site for Doug Liman's Jumper has posted a new international trailer for the big-screen version of Steven Gould's novel. When Scott brought us the teaser back in October, I'll admit I was already sold on the film. Although I haven't read Gould's original novel, so that might have something to do with it because frankly -- I thought it looked pretty badass. The latest trailer, however, is definitely going for more character development and a little less action -- and this isn't necessarily a good thing. Don't worry, there is still plenty of teleporting FX (which are pretty darn cool) but this time the trailer is trying to work in a little more of the meat and potatoes. The film's three stars appeared at the Sphinx (in homage to the poster) at the Luxor Hotel in Vegas to premiere the trailer last weekend and Eidos and Brash Entertainment have already announced that a video game has been created as a tie-in for the film that works off the film's plot.

Hayden Christensen stars as David Rice, who discovers at a young age that he can teleport himself anywhere in the world. Of course, growing up with that kind of power is dangerous and Rice begins to use them to his advantage in some slightly 'criminal' activities. When his life is threatened by a secret society known as the Paladin (led by Samuel L. Jackson), David aligns with other "Jumpers" in a war against the Paladin. Rounding out the cast is Rachel Bilson as Christensen's love interest and "damsel in distress," and Jamie Bell as Griffin, a fellow Jumper. Jumper lands in theaters on February 14th -- a nice antidote to all the Valentine's Day hooey if you ask me.