Great, now I have that damn theme song in my head. A big-screen A-Team movie had been rumored for awhile now, with series creator Stephen J. Cannell championing the project for the past few years. Last we heard, some unknown writer had been tapped to throw together a script, and now Latino Review reports the new and improved A-Team flick might have snagged a director: John Singleton. Oh yes. Because when you can't remake Boyz in the Hood, you settle for the next best thing -- a group of guys in a kickass van who go around blowing sh*t up. I pity the fool who thinks this is a bad idea.

But don't think you'll be getting a lot of the cheese from the old show. Cannell has said that he wants to update the A-Team, and instead of all of them being Vietnam vets, they'll most likely be vets of the Iraqi war (or the writer's strike ... or something). And it'll be darker in tone; people will actually die in this film, unlike the TV show. LR says it will be in the vein of Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. Okay, so will we see any cameos from the original cast members? As recently as this past May, Mr. T body-slammed the idea of a cameo, as only Mr. T would. He said, "We don't do cameos! You don't disrespect us, or 'Pow! Pow! it's insulting me to ask me to be in it [as someone else]. It's just like my ex-girlfriend saying 'Why don't you come out to dinner with my new boyfriend?' You see what I mean? I am not going to do that." Aside from A-Team, Singleton just signed on to direct the oddly titled Executive Order: Six. We're not sure whether one will come before the other, or if this rumor is any true, but we might as well start debating: Who would you like to see in the new A-Team movie. For ideas, check out our dream cast, including Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

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