When am I gonna learn how to punch?

AICN is posting a nutty rumor today with regards to the new Justice League flick. Remember how director George Miller had said recently during the AFI Awards that when it goes before cameras, Justice League would have a different name? Well, according to a tipster, that name may have already been leaked by Batman. No, not the rumored-to-be-playing-Batman, Armie Hammer, but the other Batman, Christian Bale. Here's what they claim: "Christian Bale was on Nova (FM) today in an interview (pre-recorded I assume) for "Yuma" and said he has "nothing to do with AMERICAN HEROES, and their Batman will be different to our Batman." Wait, so are they calling it American Heroes? WTF? Personally, not only do I think it's a horrible title, but there's no way Warner Bros. will go with a title that could potentially hinder box office sales worldwide. This is the same issue G.I. Joe was having; how they're apparently going out of their way to include a wide array of characters from different countries in order to make it less American and more world-friendly. I doubt this is the title, but if it was, what do you think?

Remember that Karate Kid remake? The one that was supposedly being handled by Will Smith, starring his son Jaden? Well, MoviesOnline claims that according to "production notes," Will Smith will indeed direct the Karate Kid remake and son Jaden will indeed star. Yes, Will Smith will make his feature directorial debut with a remake of a film that no one in their right mind wanted remade in the first place. Why, Will? Why? Can't you just get jiggy with something else and save us the pain? Additionally, Moviehole reports that actor Stephen Chow has confirmed internet rumors that he is considering playing Mr. Miyagi in the remake. According to Chow, he'd love to take on the role, but it depends on whether his schedule can handle it. I can't even think of something funny to write here. I'm at a loss. A loss. My childhood is officially lost. [via The Movie Blog]

Finally, new photos from this month's Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem have arrived online, and they appear to show the Predators' home planet. Ya know, in case you were wondering if the Predator's had TIVO and/or watched American Idol in their spare time. Alongside the home planet pic, Yahoo also has a bunch more for you peruse through. There's a shot of an Alien. And a Predator. And both. And they're fighting each other. What's this film about again?

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