27 DressesRaise your hand if you watched the trailer for 27 Dresses and immediately thought a) "I have to see this movie," and b) "TELL NO ONE."

Feel not ashamed. As a lifelong watcher of chick flicks, I consider myself something of an expert on the genre (a dubious distinction, to be sure), and this one looks like it's got legs, so to speak. For one thing, it stars Katherine Heigl -- the hot and hilarious (hey, that's my band name!) star of this summer's comedy hit Knocked Up, who also just won an Emmy for her work on Grey's Anatomy -- as a single young woman who's always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Even better, 27 Dresses co-stars James Marsden as the love interest, and it's about damn time, too. For once he's not playing the nice guy who gets his heart broken by the fickle heroine; and while he may have to compete with Edward Burns, as Heigl's unattainable boss, that dude's cake compared with Superman, Wolverine, Ryan Gosling and McDreamy.

Katherine Heigl and James Marsden will be interviewing each other for Moviefone's Unscripted series at the end of this week, and we need your questions to help the sparks fly. Based on Marsden's outstanding performance in Hairspray, I suspect he's nothing like some of the wimpy guys he'd played -- and here's our chance to find out. Submit a question for either Heigl or Marsden, then check here on January 7 to see if your submission made it to air. And no, "What in God's name does Izzie see in George?" doesn't count.

Here's the most recent example of our Unscripted series, by the way: Will Smith and his 'I Am Legend' director Francis Lawrence chat about how Stars Wars changed Smith's life, and what makes Smith sexy (apparently, it's tons of makeup -- I KNEW it!). Thanks to everyone who wrote in and contributed.

To ask a question of Katherine Heigl or James Marsden, leave it here in the comments or text one to AskCelebs@aol.com (brought to you by Verizon Wireless). Please provide your first name and your city and state, and if you're looking for inspiration, then take a look at some of our past Unscripted interviews here. Good luck!