Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
I don't think that I've ever been half as impressed with a series of films as I've been with Potter's trip to the big screen. It's the sort of franchise that instigates excitement and still pays off in the face of huge expectations. This time around, the kids finally have enough of the stodgy adults who won't believe that Lord Voldemort is back. In the face of Dolores Umbridge's rapidly-growing rules, they take matters into their own hands. It's got great action, and that undeniable fire of good-guy rebellion. But it's also got one heck of a supporting cast that is not only powerful due to the likes of actors such as Gary OIdman, but the new, quirky faces that have popped up -- namely Evanna Lynch's Luna Lovegood.

No DVD of wizardry would be complete without a slew of special features, and for this installment, there are the usual treats, plus one really sweet extra feature for those getting the HD version: the option to have a "Live Community Screening" where a number of Potter fans with the HD DVDs can all watch the film together through web-connected players.

There's also a Limited Edition Gift Set of movies 1-5 hitting shelves today.

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The Bourne Ultimatum
It took five years, but the travails of Jason Bourne on the big screen have finally come to an end -- as much as "end" ever means what it is supposed to in the world of cinema. I must admit that I'm not the hugest fan of the series (I miss Franke!), but it's easy to see why many flock to it, and rave about it. And heck, how many action movies get a 93% positive review rating over at Rotten Tomatoes? In this third and final installment, Matt Damon's Bourne is still raving around trying to put together the pieces of his past -- this time spurred on by a reporter trying to do an Operation BlackBriar expose. And he's also being followed by an assassin -- just to make life more difficult and action-packed.

For action-laced extras, you get to taste some director's commentary, deleted scenes, and five featurettes.

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