Nicolas Cage and Alex Proyas are not names that are synonymous with quality. Proyas in particular is a director who seems of late to just be happy being a studio go-to guy. He's as comfortable standing by and watching Will Smith mess up a piece of decent sci-fi as he would be off directing unique passion projects like Dark City. Nevertheless, he still seems to have a good eye for a story with a hook, and I'm finding the premise of his next film, just announced in Variety, a bit intriguing. Proyas will direct Cage in Knowing, a movie about a teacher who discovers a time capsule buried in the yard of an elementary school. Inside the capsule are accurate predictions about the future up to the present day and beyond, with the beyond part being pretty scary. Just that much alone brings up questions -- how do they authenticate such an item? How do you quickly get past the notion that some prankster just put the thing in the ground last week?

The project originated with novelist Ryne Pearson and a script has been rewritten by Stiles White (nice name) and Juliet Snowden. No word yet on supporting cast, but I certainly hope they get someone who can tamp down Cage's excessive hamminess, as evidenced in the ads for his latest film. By the way, if I see that trailer for National Treasure: Book of Secretsone more time, I'm going to personally drive to California and knock on the door of the marketing offices of Disney and explain to them that their tagline -- "What is it about treasure that makes history so fascinating?" -- makes absolutely no sense, grammatically or logically. Come on, people.

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