Cinematical was just sent another poster for The Great Debaters (click on the image for a larger version), directed by and starring Denzel Washington. And yes, he's pointing at you -- get up out your seats and go see this film, dammit! (I don't know if that's what he's saying, but I imagine it's something inspiring and important.) Last month, we debuted the first official poster for the film, which carried a shot of Denzel with his arm around a young student surrounded by several cast members (including co-star Forest Whitaker) -- a whole town's worth, it seemed. This new poster is the one that gets your attention -- looking all yellow and retro; Denzel is all in debate mode and what not. Inspired by a true story, The Great Debaters tells the story of Melvin B. Tolson (Washington), a professor at Wiley College Texas who in 1935 inspired students to start up the school's first debate team. They would later go on to challenge Harvard in the national championship. Based on the trailer, it's certainly got that whole inspirational, feel-good vibe -- which is something you need in a film that arrives during the holiday season. He ain't no Santa, but I'd happily take a Denzel DVD under my Christmas tree. Check out the trailer over on Moviefone; The Great Debaters arrives in theaters on Christmas Day.