Wizards, vampires. and gay lovin', oh my! He's already set teen hearts a-flutter with his portrayal of Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series, so it's no surprise that he's taking on another mystical good-guy role. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Robert Pattinson will co-star with Kristen Stewart in Twilight -- the young adult vampire story that Catherine Hardwicke will direct early next year. He'll play the sharp-toothed Edward, the object of young Bella's affection.

To recap -- the project is based on Stephenie Meyer's young adult novel/series and focuses on a teen named Bella who moves to a small town to be with her dad. She falls for a hot, pale dude who happens to be a vampire. They get together, she lusts for him and would rather be dead than be without him, he tries to refrain from drinking her blood, and all is well in fantastical relationship land until his nemeses comes to town, sets their sites on her, and makes things more challenging.

When this project wraps, Pattinson will have handled two old-time fantastical staples -- magic and vampirism, which could easily get him type-cast. But he's going the Radcliffe route and mixing adult lasciviousness into the mix with his sexy Dali movie, so that should help him balance his teen dreaminess with meatier fare. But what about you Twilight fans? Is Pattinson the vampire Edward come to life?
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