Seriously, is there anyone else around today other than Steve Carell who could walk around with a shoe to their head, holding it like a phone, and look both utterly ridiculous and staunchly professional at the same time? Part of me is happy to see great, funny pictures and trailers (the phone booth) for Get Smart popping up, but part of me worries that it's skyrocketing my expectations. That's the problem with movie marketing -- if it's too crappy, people will chastise it and ignore the film. But if it's too good, it better live up to expectations.

Anyhow, I'll keep hoping. The above picture comes from Empire, and is the best of the pair, with Maxwell Smart talking to his shoe. However, the other picture isn't bad either -- it's got Smart and Agent 99 running down the street -- she's looking like your normal, distressed runner, but once again, Carell pulls off that look of utter seriousness, and I can't help but wonder how difficult it was to run so very stiffly.

Unfortunately, the pay-off for these images is still months away. The film opens on June 20, 2008.
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