Some of you might like George Clooney from the Ocean's series, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, or even from his stint in Batman. If you're connoisseur of retro, you might be more into his Booker Brooks from Roseanne, or George Burnett from The Facts of LIfe. Me, I prefer him when he's dealing with the Return of the Killer Tomatoes!. But before all of that, he popped up in a few television stints that most of us don't remember.

Above, you can check him out in all of his mullet glory as he gets chased by the Street Hawk. Who's that guy? He's not Maxwell Caulfield, but rather Rex Smith as a "desk-bound cop who secretly fights crime as the test pilot for a prototype combat motorcycle." Yes, this bike has got super special turbo boosters that sort of let him fly and perform crazy stunts -- making it easy for him to chase the bad-guy Clooney, while George says things like "radical." It kind of makes you wonder who the next Clooney will be -- the guy in crappy fare early in his career, who becomes a super-famous actor and celebrity.

And we can't forget -- he's also a notorious playboy. In fact, one actress actually bet him $10,000 that he'd be married by the time he was 40. Who was it?