With the latest Rocky (Balboa) film come and gone, it's time to get more boxing on the screen. Suitably, it would be a similar Rocky, namely the one Mickey told Balboa he fought like. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that M.E.G.A. Films has secured the rights to the story of legendary boxer Rocky Marciano from his family. This will mark the first authorized biopic to be made about the professional boxer -- in 1979, ABC whipped up an unauthorized account Starring Tony Lo Bianco called Marciano, and in 1999 you might have caught Showtime's Rocky Marciano, which starred Jon Favreau.

Rocky's brother Lou said: "They didn't have any similarities to my brother. He was a very restless, impatient man -- very curious and bright, not your typical fighter from the streets." So, to rectify things, he worked with first-time screenwriter Terri Apple and M.E.G.A.'s Morris S. Levy to put together the definitive story -- including new details about the boxer's life, which came together in a script written before the strike. Marciano had hit the boxing world with a bang in the late '40s, securing himself an undefeated professional career with 49 straight wins, 43 by knockout. After retiring in 1956, he had just over a decade of restaurants, television hosting, and a fight simulation until he died at the age of 46 in a plane crash.

So we had Favreau the last time around, but when production begins late next year, who could pull of Marciano now?
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