Yup, it's getting late in the day and we're going there. For those of you out there who've always wanted to see Winona Ryder doing the nasty with a puppet, now is your chance. So dim the lights, pour yourself a glass of wine and bring over that box of tissues (in case you accidentally spill the wine), then settle in to watch this ridiculous clip from The Ten (whose DVD hits streets early next month). JoBlo has the first clip, which is unedited, and features Winona Ryder ... well ... riding her way toward a comedic gold medal. The second clip, posted after the jump, features a press conference with Gary the puppet -- as well as snippets of his rendezvous with Ryder -- as he fields questions from the press regarding this explosive sex tape.

The Ten features all sorts of names, and the comedy presents ten different stories; each based on one of the ten commandments. In his review from last year's Sundance fest,Cinematical's Scott Weinberg called the film "a skit-intensive (and entirely bizarre) amalgam of ideas -- clever, silly and just plain stupid. Those who don't see the humor in this sort of stream-of-consciousness, ultra-strange and intensely self-referential material will walk out of The Ten with their reaction phasers set firmly on "hate" -- but I discovered a solid handful of worthwhile chuckles in the flick, most of which come from the smoothly reliable Paul Rudd and the still-adorable Winona Ryder." Oh yes, she is definitely adorable in this scene. Additionally, check out our interview with The Ten's David Wain and Ken Marino for more on the film. Head over to JoBlo for the first taste, and we have the second clip for you after the jump (though be warned there's some foul language and gratuitous human-on-puppet sex to be found).